October is the best time to start setting New Year’s resolutions. I don’t mean the traditional January vows to “lose weight and start exercising”. I’m suggesting a plan to get through the upcoming holidays and not gain weight. Imagine how good you will feel at the start of 2018 without the guilt and extra pounds from overindulging from Halloween to January 1st.

Enjoying the holidays without over eating is possible but you need to determine your plan of action BEFORE the eating challenges are in front of you. I encourage my clients to try this 4 step W.H.A.T. method to help them be successful in setting and achieving their goals.

Step 1: “W” –determine What you are going to do, When & Where this action will take place. For example, “I will put the bags of Halloween candy in the back of the cupboard as soon as I bring them home from the store”.

Step 2: “H” How can you make sure this will happen? For example, “I will ask a supportive family member to buy the candy with me and make sure we put it out of site right away”.

Step 3: “A”—Is this really Achievable? For example, “My kids/spouse/significant other wants me to be healthy and is willing to help me now”.

Step 4: “T”—Determine the Time frame for your new actions to take place. For example, “I will shop with my supportive family member the week before Halloween so the candy won’t be in my house tempting me for several weeks”.

If you are struggling to specify “W.H.A.T.” you want to do, it may be a sign you are expecting too much from yourself at this time.  Try setting an easier action plan you feel confident you can achieve. Most importantly, when setting an action plan remember, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO SEE IMPROVEMENTS IN YOUR HEALTH! Each small step you take brings you closer to your goal of good health.