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A New Thanksgiving Recipe for Sweet Potatoes & Cranberries

If you are looking for a new way to use cranberries and sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving, the Sweet Potato Panna Cotta with Toasted Pecans and Cranberry Coulis from my cookbook, The Diabetes-Friendly Kitchen is a sophisticated dessert that is simple to prepare despite the fancy name. “Panna cotta” is just a fancy pudding Panna cotta […]


Healthy Cooking Tips For Diabetes

A diabetes-friendly eating style is much easier to achieve when you prepare your own meals. Cooking puts you back in control when diabetes threatens your sense of well-being. However, this requires you to have some basic cooking skills. Click here to learn how to cook with non-starchy vegetables. Adding vegetables to a meal is a […]


Your Chance to Ask the Experts—FREE!

Check out the American Diabetes Association’s LIVING WITH DIABETES ASK THE EXPERTS TOWNHALL SERIES https://professional.diabetes.org/sites/professional.diabetes.org/files/media/lwd-asktheexperts-schedule_fin.pdf . I encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming topic Blood Glucose For Beginners (Wednesday, September 27 at 1:00 PM). Even if you have previously been taught about the way food, activity and medications influence blood glucose, this session can […]


Check Out This Super Fruit at Your Local Farm Stand

I discovered a wild pear tree on my farm this week loaded with fruit. I know pears are a great fruit for people with diabetes because they are full of fiber which slows down the rise in blood glucose after they are eaten. What I didn’t know was what I would do with this bucket […]


10 Important Things Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Diabetes

Have you just been told you have type 2 diabetes and your head is spinning with questions? In the short time your doctor had with you there was so much that needed to be communicated. Unfortunately it may not have been addressed or you were so overwhelmed you missed it all. If this is the […]


3 Ways to Cook Veggies So You’ll Absolutely Love Them

ROAST, PILAF OR SOUP YOUR VEGGIES TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT AND LOWER YOUR BLOOD SUGAR! Even veggie lovers get bored with salads and steamed veggies. Unless the veggies are just picked from your garden or the farmer’s market they usually don’t fall into the “craveable” category. With these 3 cooking techniques you will find […]


So You Have Type 2 Diabetes…NOW WHAT?

Here are 3 simple steps to help you get started getting well. First things first, stop blaming yourself; it’s unlikely to get you to a better spot. And don’t panic, you don’t need to abandon your old ways all at once. But you do need to start moving in a new direction and I CAN […]